Final Master of “Parthenope” sent to Dusktone Headquarters

Posted by scuorn Category: News

“Today 23/12/2016, after a long year of studio recordings at 16th Cellar Studio, the final master of “Parthenope” was sent to headquarters.
This album was in the making since 2008, and after few years break songwriting re-started in mid 2014.
Many awesome musicians, artists, friends, took part in this overwhelming recording process, but the final result was defenitly worth the effort.
This is not only SCUORN’s album, this is a part of our parthenopean history translated in metal music for the first time, where the most representative neapolitan metal artists provided their best performaces in order to make it sound as good as our culture deserves.
Honestly, I went way beyond my own skills and possibilities, thanks to the great professionals i have had the pleasure to work with, such as Stefano Morabito and Riccardo Studer, who both managed to push me to the next level eveytime.
I gave everything I had to make it happen, always driven by the responsability of representing my culture in the best way possible.
Music lasts forever, and I will be always proud of this album and the meaning it has for me.”